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Deutsch Aktuell Resource Center : Deutsch Aktuell 5th and 6th Ed. Level 1 : Kapitel 1 : Activity 3

Activity 3

Kapitel 1

3 Lena und Alex

The Jugendmagazin JUMA was a magazine for young people, published in Germany. Read the text about these two young people, Lena and Alex, and answer the questions below. (Note: Lena’s article is on page 14 and the article about Alex is on page 15.)

1. What are Lena’s favorite school subjects (Lieblingsfächer)?
Die vier Lieblingsfächer sind

2. At what time does her alarm clock go off in the morning (Weckzeit)?
Die Weckzeit ist

3. When do her classes end (Unterrichtsschluss)?
Der Unterrichtsschluss ist um

4. How does she get to school and how long does it take her (Schulweg)? Answer in English.

5. How much television (Fernsehen) does she watch on a school day? Answer in English.

1. How tall (groß) is he?
Er ist .

2. What color (Farbe) is his hair?
Er ist .

3. What is his favorite dish (Lieblingsessen)? Answer in English.

4. How many hours of class time does he have per week (Unterrichtszeit)? Answer in English.

5. When do classes start in the morning (Unterrichtsbeginn)?
Der Unterricht beginnt um

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