The American Tradition, Grade 11
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Unit 2 Origins of the American Tradition
Unit 3 The American Revolution
Unit 4 The New England Renaissance
Unit 5 Slavery and the Civil War
Unit 6 Frontiers
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Unit 8 The Harlem Renaissance
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The American Tradition, Grade 11 : Unit 7 The Modern Era : Mending Wall and Home Burial / Robert Frost : Activities

Mending Wall and Home Burial / Robert Frost


Media Literacy
Timeline. Find a biography of Robert Frost on the Internet. One source you will find useful is the website of the Academy of American Poets, which provides biographies of many poets. Use the information you find to create a timeline of key personal and literary events in Frost's life.

Academy of American Poets

Media Literacy
Read the article "The First Three Poems and One That Got Away" at The Atlantic Online. Read the poems referred to by clicking on the links included in the article. Then click on the Books and Literature link at the bottom of the web page and post your response to this article. After about a week, check the site again to see if any responses to your message have been posted.

The Atlantic Online

Click on the links below to find poems of Robert Frost online. Choose one of his well-known, often-recited poems, such as "The Road Not Taken," "Fire and Ice," "Nothing Gold Can Stay," or "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening." Memorize the poem, and recite it by heart to your classmates.

If your computer has the capacity you can find audio recordings of Frost reading some of his poems on The Robert Frost Web Page.

Poetry of Robert Frost

The Robert Frost Web Page

Printable Version

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