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Deutsch Aktuell Resource Center : Deutsch Aktuell 5th and 6th Ed. Level 1 : Kapitel 3 : Activity 3

Activity 3

Kapitel 3

3 Was kannst du in Wilhelmshaven machen?

The city of Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea shore offers many opportunities for sports activities. Go to the website, click on Tourismus, Freizeit, then on Freizeithinweise and, finally, on Sportliche Aktivitäten. Read the activities listed in the center to answer the questions below. Viel Spaß!

1. Angeln – Do you need permission to go fishing along the coastal waters?

2. Golf – In which direction from Wilhelmshaven would you find a golf course?

3. Inline Skating – What is the e-mail address of the inline skating facility?

4. Mini-Golf – How many mini-golf courses are there?

5. Reiten in und um Wilhelmshaven – How many Vereine (clubs) or places offer horseback riding in Wilhelmshaven?

6. Segelschulen – How many sailing schools are there?

7. Tennis in Wilhelmshaven – How many tennis facilities are there in Wilhelmshaven?

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