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Deutsch Aktuell Resource Center : Deutsch Aktuell 5th and 6th Ed. Level 1 : Kapitel 8 : Activity 2

Activity 2

Kapitel 8

2 Traditionen in Deutschland

In Germany, just as in the United States, there are many traditions observed throughout the calendar year. Go to the website, click on the special days listed on the right and then go to the indicated submenu to find the information needed to answer the questions. Viel Spaß!

1. Neujahr (Geschichte / Ursprung): When was the new year celebrated for the first time?

2. Valentin (Brauchtum): Who influenced Germans to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

3. Fasching: When does the Fasching officially begin?

4. Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Geschichte/Ursprung): What was the basis and origin of the Day of Germany Unity?

5. Erntedank (Geschichte/Ursprung): Who established the German Thanksgiving Day to be on the first Sunday in October? When?

6. Sylvester/Silvester (Brauchtum): What New Year’s cheers do Germans have?

7. Vatertag (Geschichte/Ursprung): In which country was Father’s Day celebrated first?

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