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Deutsch Aktuell Resource Center : Deutsch Aktuell 5th and 6th Ed. Level 1 : Kapitel 12 : Activity 2

Activity 2

Kapitel 12

2 Stadtbummel durch Luzern

During your year in Luzern, a classmate from your hometown is going to visit you. Before he or she arrives, you are preparing yourself to be the knowledgeable guide for a sightseeing tour of the city. On the website, click on SIGHTSEEING & FÜHRUNGEN (top), then on Sehenswürdigkeiten. Finally, click on the various sights indicated and answer the questions. When finished reading about each sight and you’ve answered the question, continue by clicking on nächster Eintrag to find the next sight.

1. Kapellbrücke: How did this bridge get its name? (Kapelle means "chapel")

2. Wasserturm: This tower was used for a variety of activities a long time ago. What were they?

3. Löwendenkmal: Which American writer considered this Lion’s Monument the "saddest and most moving piece of stone in the world"?

4. KKL Luzern: What does the abbreviation KKL stand for and how many people can be seated in the largest room of this facility?

5. Nadelwehr: What is the purpose of the Nadeln (spikes) technology at this Wehr (dam) and how does it work?

6. Spreuerbrücke: When was this bridge built and why did it get this name? (Spreu means "chaff")

7. Museggmauer: In one of the towers of the city’s rampart system you’ll find the oldest clock in town. What is the tower’s name and what privilege does this clock have over all others in town?

8. Altstadtplätze: Which one of the squares in the Altstadt (old town) is politically important? What happened there in 1332?

9. Ritterscher Palast: In what style was it built in 1557?

10. Bahnhof: Which famous architect designed the new train station and why was it rebuilt?

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