Activity 1

Kapitel 6

1 Metrische Maßeinheiten

When traveling in German-speaking countries, you need to be familiar with the metric system. In the following situations, give the equivalents to the U.S. measurements given in parentheses. In your calculation use the Metric Converter Calculator for the various items.

1. It weighs (8 ounces/troy) ________________________________________ grams.

2. Peter needs sheets of paper that are (8 1/2 x 11 inches) ________________________________________ centimeters.

3. A tour guide points out that tomorrow’s hiking tour will cover (5 miles) ________________________________________ kilometers.

4. The salesperson at the butcher shop cuts some Leberwurst and puts it on a scale. It weighs (12 ounces/troy) ________________________________________ grams.

5. At the Frankfurt International School students are running a (100-yard) ________________________________________-meter dash.

6. Katja’s bedroom is (10 x 12 feet) ________________________________________ meters.

7. The flight from Cologne to Hamburg is about (300 miles) ________________________________________ kilometers.

8. A car travels (150 kilometers) ________________________________________ miles per hour on the Autobahn.

9. The average temperature in Mainz during July is (74°F) ________________________________________ °C.

10. When the unusually high temperature in Frankfurt reached (98°F) ________________________________________ °C, students were dismissed from their classes.

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