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Grade 12

Unit 3

The Pearl Poet, retold by Y. R. Ponsor from Gawain and the Green Knight
Jonathan Swift from Gulliver’s Travels
Lewis Carroll from Through the Looking Glass
D. H. Lawrence “The Rocking-Horse Winner”
Doris Lessing “A Sunrise on the Veld”
Alice Munro “Red Dress—1946”

Unit 4

Geoffrey Chaucer from The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales
William Shakespeare Sonnets 18, 29, and 130
John Milton from Paradise Lost
William Blake “The Tyger” and “The Lamb”
Robert Browning “My Last Duchess”
Matthew Arnold “Dover Beach”
William Butler Yeats “The Second Coming”
T. S. Eliot “Preludes”
Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”
Stevie Smith “Not Waving but Drowning”

Unit 5

Anonymous, translated by George K. Anderson Anglo-Saxon Riddles
Anonymous, translated by Burton Raffel from Beowulf
Anonymous “Sir Patrick Spens” and “The Great Silkie of Shule Skerrie”
Anonymous “Robin Hood and Allen a Dale”
Sir Thomas Malory from Le Morte d’Arthur
The King James Bible Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, Verses 1–8

Unit 6

William Shakespeare Scenes from The Tragedy of Macbeth

Unit 7

Saint Bede the Venerable “The Story of Cćdmon”
Queen Elizabeth I Speech to the Troops at Tilbury
John Donne from Meditation 17
Mary Wollstonecraft from the Introduction to Frankenstein
Virginia Woolf from A Room of One’s Own
Frank McCourt from Angela’s Ashes

Unit 8

Samuel Pepys from The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Samuel Johnson from A Dictionary of the English Language
Samuel Johnson “A Brief to Free a Slave”

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