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Typing special French letters

Click the Back button to return to the activity.

If you're using a Mac:

letter keys to type
option-` a
option-i a
option-e e
option-i e
option-` e
option-u e
option-i i
option-i o
option-i u
option-` u

To capitalize, hold down shift before typing the second character.

If you're using a Windows computer:

letter keys to type
alt + 0192
alt + 0226
alt + 0224
alt + 0201
alt + 0233
alt + 0234
alt + 0232
alt + 0235
alt + 0238
alt + 0244
alt + 0156
alt + 0251
alt + 0249
alt + 0231

Note: Hold down the alt key while typing the number.

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