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School Resource Center : Social Studies : Economics: New Ways of Thinking : Marketplace® Audio Segments

Marketplace® Audio Segments

American Public Media’s Marketplace presents news on business, economics, and money for broadcast on public radio. EMC Publishing has created lesson plans and activities to tie the following Marketplace audio segments to Economics: New Ways of Thinking. Choose a segment to hear the news report.

Marketplace® segments copyright © 2007 by Minnesota Public Radio. Used by permission. Marketplace® is a registered trademark of Minnesota Public Radio. The opinions of the author and the publisher do not necessarily represent the views of Marketplace® or Minnesota Public Radio.
Audio links play with RealPlayer. If you need assistance with this software, or need to download the latest version, please visit the RealNetworks Support Page.

Betting on Home Prices

Chocolate Pollution

Copy This!

The Cost of War

A Day Without China

DUC Seals International (China) Ltd.

Europe Losing the Productivity Race

Ford’s Restructuring, aka Plant Closings and Layoffs

Hungry Piggy Banks

Imagine $7 per Gallon

Inflated Fears About Inflation?

In God We Trust

Is Unemployment as Low as It Looks?

Moral Consequences

Newspaper Readership Down

One U.S. Automaker’s Perspective

Paying for Katrina

Pirates in the Hole!

Preschool Teacher Pay

Prius Envy

Real Estate’s Come-from-Behind Win in Park City

Rental Car Revenue Shift

So Long, Alan

Their Cup Runneth Over

Used Cars Migrate over the Border

Teachers and students using Economics: New Ways of Thinking may reproduce portions of these materials, and adapt them as needed for educational use at a single location only and not for resale.

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