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Using the internet activities

Click the Back button to return to the activity.

Viewing the Activity Page
The web site address on the page will open a new web browser window with that web page. You can switch between the internet activity window and the new information window by one of the following methods:

Windows users should see a separate button on the taskbar for each window. Click on the button at the bottom to activate that window.

Mac users can use the Window menu to select a different browser window, or arrange the windows to allow both to be partially visible, clicking to activate the desired windows.

If your browser supports tabbed browsing, you may open the two windows in tabs within the same window; consult your browser's documentation for additional help.

Completing the Activity
There are two ways you can complete the activity:

1. You can type your answers directly into the text boxes for each question, then click the Compile Answers button. This will display a page with the questions and your answers in a format suitable for printing.

2. Click the Printer-Friendly link at the bottom of the page. This will display a plain page with underlines below each answer, allowing you to print the activity page and hand-write your answers.

Printable Version

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