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School Resource Center : Ecco! Resource Center : Ecco! due Textbook : Chapter 8: la scuola superiore e il mondo del

Chapter 8: la scuola superiore e il mondo del

Play this

Languages online
Free game-making software
Textbook page/s: 162

Task Magic Australia
Authoring tool for creating interactive lesson content
Textbook page/s: 162

QUIA Create your own…
Free resources to create your own games and activities
Textbook page/s: 162

Surf the net

Guida al mondo dei professioni
Guide to the world of professions
Textbook page/s: 162

Wikipedia: Arti, mestieri e professioni
Wikipedia: Jobs and professions and their explanations
Textbook page/s: 162

Borsa Lavoro Lombardia,69760&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
You can work out what profession/job you’d be good at
Textbook page/s: 162

Yahoo Italia Entertainment: Oroscopo del giorno e della settimana per tutti i segni zodiacali
Daily and weekly horoscopes in Italian
Textbook page/s: 162

Messagero dei ragazzi: Che ne sai del tuo futuro?
Online test: Che ne sai del tuo futuro?
Textbook page/s: 162


Wikipedia: Ordinamento scolastico in Italia
Wikipedia: School rules in Italy
Textbook page/s: 162

Wikipedia: Education in Italy
Wikipedia: Education in Italy
Textbook page/s: 162

Anglo info
Italian education and schooling in Italy
Textbook page/s: 162

Just landed Italy
Italy Guide: Education
Textbook page/s: 162

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