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C'est à toi! Level 1

Unit 1:
Click on "Just for Kids," "Learn French" and "10 Raisons."
After you have finished exploring this site, answer the following questions.

  1. French is spoken on how many continents?
  2. How many people around the world speak French?
  3. Where does French rank as a language used on the internet?
  4. What important life skills will you acquire by learning French?
  5. What are some international organizations that use French as the working language?
  6. What are the three most important reasons for you personally to study French?

Unit 2:
Now click on "How to find a pen pal?" Then select any French-speaking country. You may want to modify your search by specifying an area of the country, the person's age and sex. Finally, under "list of files," click on a name to read the biographies. After browsing and then choosing your keypal, answer the following questions.

  1. Were any students your age listed?
  2. Which of your leisure activities and sports does the one you are most interested in share?
  3. From what city or region is the person with whom you are going to correspond?
  4. Does your future keypal want an American penpal?
  5. What did this person say about himself or herself in the "Notes" that caught your interest?

Unit 3:
Select "France." Click on “Carte des menus.”
After you have finished exploring this site, answer the following questions.

  1. What are three main types of sandwiches at Quick?
  2. What comes on a hamburger?
  3. How many types of salad are available?
  4. What are some of the dessert choices that are not normally found in an American fast-food restaurant?
  5. Click on "Nutrition" at the bottom of the page. In addition to nutritional ingredients, what is important for the food at Quick restaurants to have also?
  6. What would you order at Quick?

Unit 4:
Click on "Going to France." Under "Visiting France," click on "Studying and Teaching" and "Primary School."

  1. Are there both public and private schools in France?
  2. What is the French term for "daycare"?
  3. For how many years do students attend le lycée? Which year is equivalent to 10th grade?
  4. Is a French baccalauréat equivalent to a diploma from an American High School?
  5. Are private high schools subsidized by the government?

Now click on "Higher education." Visit "CampusFrance" and click on "ÉTUDIER/Sélectionner une formation." Write the criteria for a specialization that would interest you and find a university where you would like to study. Explore it and tell your classmates what you have learned about it (i.e., the college's name, location, special programs/activities).

Unit 5:

Unit 6:

Unit 7:
After exploring this site, answer the following questions.

  1. Are there any sales going on at Printemps right now?
  2. Click on "Carte Printemps." How much can this card help you save?
  3. Click on "Magasins/Lyon." What hours is this store open?
  4. Click on "Plan d'accès." Near what subway station is the store located?
  5. Click on "MODE." Choose either "Mode Femme" or "Mode Homme." Describe one item you would like to buy, including the item's color and price. Compare the price to that of a similar item in the United States.

Unit 8:
Under “Aujourd’hui” click on “Tout frais, tout près."
After exploring the site, answer the following questions.

  1. Page through the interactive brochure on the right. " What are the six food groups selected?
  2. On the last page of the brochure, look at "Daily Monop'." What is included?
  3. How can these products revolutionize fast foods?
  4. Return to the main page and click on "Aujourd’hui/Pomotions." Look at the pictures. Which of these products does your local grocery store carry?
  5. Would you shop for food at this store? Why, or why not?

Unit 9:
After viewing this site, answer the following questions.

  1. M. Besenval draws his artistic inspiration from which country and which historical period?
  2. Now click on "Meubles" and then go through each page to see the various pieces. What appear to be the two most common themes of the artist?
  3. Which one of these pieces would you like to buy? How much does it cost?
  4. From which century does this piece of furniture date?
  5. If you would like to make an order, what are three ways to contact M. Besenval?
  6. What is its address in France? What is the “metro” stop?

Unit 10:
After exploring these sites, answer the following questions.

  1. Which Eurothermes spas are not within the borders of France? Where are they?
  2. Click on "THERMALISME…UN PEU D'HISTOIRE." For how many years have these warm waters been used for medicinal purposes?
  3. Which government program offers reimbursement for visits to thermal spas?
  4. Now click on the site of one of these spas, Ax-les-Thermes. This spa is well-known because of the temperature of its waters. How warm is it?
  5. Under "Ax-les-Thermes", click on "HÉBERGEMENT." How many two-star hotels do the studios in the résidence du Grand Tétras correspond to?
  6. Finally, click on "RETOUR À L'ACCUEIL" and "LE BIEN-ÊTRE EN STATION THERMALE" to find information on eight other health spas in France. What are four health problems that can be treated there?
  7. The thermal spa at Ax-les-Thermes can also treat these other health problems. Click on this city. What 7 day program is offered here?

Unit 11:

  1. How many active links are offered to other sites about Senegal?
  2. Who was Senegal's first President?
  3. Click on "People." What is the approximate population of Senegal?
  4. What is the major religion?
  5. Which is the largest ethnic group in Senegal?
  6. What African languages are spoken in Senegal? Which is the most widely spoken?
  7. Return to the home page and click on "Economy". Which manufacturing sectors are the largest export sectors in Senegal?

Unit 12:

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