Seeing is Believing

Use video the way your students use video. Students capture short videos to share ideas and experiences with their classmates on the topics you define.

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A grid is where your students go to view your topics, record their responses, and reply to their classmates. Grids can be open or locked and embedded into any LMS or website.

Topics spark ideas and fuel the conversation. Add a new topic for an upcoming project, weekly readings, around current events, or wherever you want to lead the discussion.

Students respond with videos recorded on their laptop, iOS, or Android device. Students have unlimited retakes, can pause and resume, and flip the camera to share their environment.

Inspire student leaders. Prompt students to ask questions and explore each other’s perspectives through replies. Each video can be the spark for an entirely new discussion.

Success Stories





Andy empowers 2nd graders to share their perspectives on current events such as Black History Month. He also connects 2nd grade students with college students to share their diverse understandings of September 11. Finally, Andy has 3rd - 5th grade students reflect on STEM topics during Makerspace projects.

Students as Teachers
Students in a Global, Connected World
Black History Month + Flipgrid

Jennifer prompts her 6th and 7th grade math students to work in small groups and record solutions to multi-step math equations, helping students speak their math thinking. She also champions her school’s parent-teacher relationship by having all teachers introduce themselves via Flipgrid at the start of the year.

Jen's Flipgrid Story
Jen's Math Integration
Jen's Youtube Video

Nicole challenges her 9th grade English students to compare historical figures with a modern-day equivalent. She also encourages a fun and creative learning environment by asking her students to record their best Shakespearean insult. Finally, she utilizes the Socratic seminar method of classroom discussion with Flipgrid videos.

Nicole's Flipgrid Story
Give Your Students a Voice
Shakespearean Insults

Kali fosters an active learning environment in his online and hybrid courses, replacing online text forums with richer Flipgrid discussions. He believes that learning occurs when students get out of a textbook and engage with their peers. He promotes minimal “teaching and preaching” and a strong emphasis on reflection and discussion.

Kali's Flipgrid Tip
Importance of Student Voice

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