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My Language Town eReaders

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A colorful way to learn more about Spanish language and culture My Language Town (MLT) eReaders and Albums create an engaging, interactive reading experience. Whether incorporated into the classroom curriculum or used as an independent study, MLT eReaders will enrich your students' language learning.

Key Features:

  • Eye-catching illustrations
  • Comprehension questions
  • Grammar and vocabulary practice
  • Cultural notes
  • Ideas for projects
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • Audio recorded*
  • Suitable for traditional, TPRS, immersion, flex, and dual-language programs
  • Wide variety of titles
  • Range of levels allows for differentiated instruction

Students Can:

  • Role play the communicative dialogues in pairs or groups
  • Assimilate natural, real-life sayings and expressions
  • Make cultural comparisons and connections
  • Learn new vocabulary and increase comprehension of key grammar points
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Apply their skills in the five “C” goal areas of the ACTFL World-Readiness Standards
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Teacher License
For classes where the teacher will project the eReader or album for the entire class - individual accounts are not needed
Building License
For an entire school - each teacher will have an unlimited # of accounts for an unlimited # of students
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Choose 1: Elementary, Beginner or Intermediate-Low eReader library 16.95 71.95 81.95 395.95 645.95 3483.95
Single Album 4.95 18.95 10.95 64.95 129.95 696.95
Complete Library of Albums 18.95 74.95 84.95 398.95 599.95 3243.95
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How to use My Language Town eBooks

Elementary Level eReaders

Beginner Level eReaders

Low intermediate/Intermediate Level eReaders

The power of teaching Spanish through songs

The results are simply incredible. The possibilities are endless.

The results are incredible; the possibilities are endless. My Language Town (MLT) songs create an engaging, interactive language learning experience. These catchy, popular songs teach Spanish sounds quickly and efficiently. My Language Town songs work great in class but can also be reviewed at home for extended practice!

Students Can:

  • Read the lyrics and sing along
  • Team up and compete against each other by singing and dancing along to the songs
  • Make music videos
  • Try to guess the meaning of new words based on context
  MyLanguageTown Audio Samples

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