Class Conversation Topics

This page describes how to post an entry for a Class Conversation Topics activity page.

A Class Conversation Topic activity involves reading a text and posting a response to the Our Digital World Companion website.

Post a Response

To post a response to a Topic:

1. Select a course name header from the Course navigation pane.

Optional: Filter the Activity navigation pane by selecting a chapter from the Course navigation pane.

2. Select a Topic from the Activity navigation pane.

3. Click the Post a response button to display the Add an Entry form.

Post A Response Button

Add An Entry Form

4. Enter a Post Title.

5. Type your post in the Post Entry field.

6. Click the Add Entry button.

Add Entry Button

Each new topic entry will be added to the bottom of the topic page.

Note: Students cannot edit an entry once it has been submitted. Contact your instructor if you have questions about an entry you have made.

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