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Product_catalog : School : LitLink : Grade08 : The War of the Wall
Interactive Literature Selections
Page 482

1.What had the narrator's cousin chiseled on the wall? Why?

Page 484

2.Whose supper is one of the Morris twins holding?

3.Describe the painter's interactions with the people of the neighborhood.

Page 485

4.What does the narrator ask his or her father to do about the painter? What is the father's reaction?

5.What does the painter request that shows she is not part of the community?

Page 486

6.What does the narrator's mother say about the painter?

7.Does Mama feel as strongly about the wall as the narrator does?

8.What do Lou and the narrator plan to do?

Page 487

9.What has the painter done to the wall?

Page 488

10.In what way has the artist personalized the wall for the community?

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