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Product_catalog : School : LitLink : Grade08 : The Diary of Anne Frank, act 1
Interactive Literature Selections
PAGE 704

1. In what year is the beginning of the play set?

2. What makes Mr. Frank lose control?

PAGE 705

3. What does Miep give to Mr. Frank? What does he tell her to do with them? What catches his attention?

PAGE 706

4. What happened to the Jews after the arrival of the Germans? What step does Anne's family take?

PAGE 707

5. Why is Mrs. Van Daan nervous?

6. Why are the Franks late?

7. What does Anne do as soon as she is in her new home?

PAGE 708

8. What does Mr. Kraler say to reassure Mrs. Frank? In what way does the white market differ from the black market?

9. What rules are essential to keeping the hiding place a secret?

PAGE 709

10. What can they do after six o'clock?

11. Why has Mr. Frank invited the Van Daans to hide with them?

PAGE 710

12. What did Anne have to leave behind?

13. What difference between Anne and Peter is shown here?

14. How did the Franks leave their house? What do they expect people to think?

PAGE 711

15. What does Mr. Frank do when Anne goes in search of a pencil? What realization does Anne have?

PAGE 712

16. In what way does Mr. Frank say they cannot be imprisoned? What will they do to remain "free"?

17. What activities does Anne miss? What is the most frightening thing to her? Why?

PAGE 715

18. What advice does Mrs. Frank give Anne? What is Anne's reaction?

PAGE 716

19. What sound frightens the families? What do they fear is happening?

20. Why was Anne called Mrs. Quack Quack?

PAGE 717

21. What does Mr. Frank suggest is the problem when Mrs. Frank thinks Anne is sick?

PAGE 718

22. Why is Mrs. Van Daan so concerned with her fur coat?

23. What question does Anne ask Mrs. Van Daan? Why is Mrs. Frank displeased by the question? Does Mrs. Van Daan mind Anne's question?

24. Why does Mr. Van Daan think his wife shouldn't say certain things in front of Anne?

PAGE 719

25. How do Mrs. Frank and Margot react to the quarrel between Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan? What does Anne do?

PAGE 720

26. What does Anne do accidentally? What is Mrs. Van Daan's reaction?

PAGE 721

27. What does Mrs. Frank tell Anne she must not do?

28. How does Mrs. Frank feel about Mr. Frank's decision to ask the Van Daans to stay with them?

PAGE 722

29. Why has Mr. Kraler come?

PAGE 724

30. Does Mr. Van Daan want to allow Mr. Dussel to join them? How does Peter feel about his father's reaction?

PAGE 725

31. What kind of man is Mr. Dussel?

32. Where did Dussel think the Franks were? Why did he think this to be true?

PAGE 726

33. What news does Dussel bring of the outside world?

PAGE 727

34. What does Anne like about her room?

PAGE 728

35. Why do Anne and Dussel argue? What does Anne say about grownups?

PAGE 729

36. What is Anne's nightmare about? What does Dussel fear?

PAGE 730

37. Describe the relationship between Anne and her mother. How does Mrs. Frank feel about Anne's attitude toward her?

PAGE 731

38. What thoughts does Anne have about building her own character?

39. What does each person want to do when he or she gets out of the secret annex?

PAGE 733

40. What are some of the group's favorite Hanukkah traditions?

41. What has Anne done for Hanukkah?

PAGE 734

42. What gift does Anne give to her mother? How does her mother react?

PAGE 735

43. Why doesn't Mr. Frank think they should sing the Hanukkah song?

PAGE 736

44. What sound is heard below? What happens in the fear following the sound?

PAGE 737

45. Why does Mr. Frank insist on going downstairs?

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