Before Reading

Preview the Text

Read the Prereading information on page 701, and review the list of cast members on page 704. Flip through the pages, examining the photographs and diary reproductions. Then, as a class discuss your knowledge of Anne Frank and World War II. Even though this work is fiction, it is based on historical fact, including a historical setting and real characters. As you read the play, you will be writing down information about the characters, action, and setting.

During Reading

Write Things Down

1. Drama is written to be performed. Although you may not put on a performance of the play, you can read it in character. Work together with the class to assign characters and read your part aloud. Someone should also take the part of reading stage directions. You can change characters at the change of scenes. When you are not reading, follow along in the text.

2. At the end of each scene, stop reading and write a summary of the events in the scene. Then, record important information about the setting and insights you have into the characters.

3. When you reach the end of the first act, work with a small group to answer the Investigate, Inquire, and Imagine questions on page 739. Continue reading the remainder of the play aloud as a class, stopping to write things down at the end of each scene.

Fix-Up Idea: Use Guided Reading Questions

If you have difficulty applying the reading strategy, use the Guided Reading Questions to help you focus on important events and characters. Before reading a scene, review its Guided Reading Questions. Then, as the play is being read aloud, jot down your answers to the questions. Use these answers to help you focus your notes.

After Reading

Summarize the Play and the Characters

When you finish the play, review your scene summaries and character notes. Then, write a short summary of the events of the play. Choose one character who is striking to you, and write a one-page character summary, sharing the insights you had into that particular character. When you are finished, share your summaries with a partner.