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Interactive Literature Selections

Literary Tools
Tone. Tone is the emotional attitude toward the reader or toward the subject implied by a literary work. As you read, determine the tone of this poem.

Image. An image is language that creates a concrete representation of an object or an experience. As you read, pay attention to the images in the poem.

Reader's Resource
The Bean Eaters” was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Potato Eaters, shown on page 84 of your textbook. Both the poem and the painting provide a glimpse into the everyday lives of poor people, people who must struggle to get by. “The Bean Eaters,” like much of Gwendolyn Brooks’s writing, depicts life in an urban black neighborhood. It shows the hardships faced by black people in America, but it also shows the beauty in their lives. Although the elderly couple in the poem “eat beans mostly” and “dinner is a casual affair,” they enjoy rich memories of the past.

As you read, make a chart to list strong images in the poem and the sense(s) that they appeal to. One example has been done for you.

readers journal
What objects do you have around you in your room? What do they say about who you are?

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