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Like The Sun
Interactive Literature Selections

Literary Tools
Irony. Irony is a difference between appearance and reality. In irony of situation an event occurs that violates the expectations of the characters, the reader, or the audience. Look for examples of situation irony as you read the story.

Theme. A theme is a central idea in a literary work. With gentle humor, in “Like the Sun” Narayan explores themes about truth and its possible consequences.

Reader's Resource
The setting of a literary work is the time and place in which it occurs, together with all the details used to create a sense of a particular time and place. Written in a style noted for its elegance and simplicity, Narayan’s stories, including “Like the Sun,” are set in the imaginary town of Malgudi, located in southern India. Through the ordinary experiences of the characters in this town, Narayan perceptively portrays the quirkiness of human relationships and the ironies of daily life.

Create a pro and con chart to keep track throughout the story of Sekhar’s reasoning and the author’s treatment of themes about truth and its possible consequences. Refer to the Language Arts Survey, 5.1 “Making Decisions and Solving Problems” for guidance. Note the pros and cons of each decision to tell the truth.

readers journal
Have you ever told someone the absolute truth in response to a difficult question? What was the person’s response? What does it feel like to have someone tell you the absolute truth?

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