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Product_catalog : School : LitLink : Grade11 : The Pit and the Pendulum
Interactive Literature Selections
page 231

1. What exaggerations does the prisoner see?

2. What sorts of visions has the prisoner experienced?

page 233

3. Where does the prisoner fear he is?

4. What were the rumors about Toledo?

page 234

5. How does the prisoner measure his cell?

6. How does the prisoner discover the pit?

Page 235

7. What condition follows the prisoner's quenching his thirst?

8. What absorbs the prisoner's interest?

9. What change has taken place?

page 236

10. What attracts the rats?

page 237

11. What is most frightening about the pendulum?

12. For what does the prisoner pray?

page 238

13. What is happening to the prisoner's mind?

14. What lives even in the dungeon?

page 239

15. What actions are part of the prisoner's plan?

16. What do the rats do?

page 240

17. Why is the prisoner free but not free?

page 241

18. What form does the rescue take?

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