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Product_catalog : School : LitLink : Grade11 : An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Interactive Literature Selections
page 355

1. What is about to happen to the man?

page 356

2. What is Death? How should Death be received?

3. What does the man who is about to be hanged look like? What do his clothes reveal about him? What aspect of his appearance is surprising?

page 357

4. What sound did the man seem to hear? What effect did the sound have on him? What was he actually hearing?

5. What was the man unable to do? What did he long to do?

page 358

6. What does Farquhar have in mind?

7. Who is the soldier in the gray uniform? What is the importance of the revelation of his identity?

page 359

8. What thought does Farquhar have as he rises to the surface of the water?

9. In what state are Farquhar's senses? What sensory details does he notice?

page 360

10. What does Farquhar notice about the marksman? What does he fear this means? Is the superstition he had heard true?

11. What sound does Farquhar hear? What does he take it to mean?

page 361

12. What causes Farquhar's delight and contentment?

page 362

13. What description is given of Farquhar? What image does this description bring to mind?

14. What is revealed in the last paragraph about Farquhar's actions?

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