Page 355

sen • ti • nel n., person acting as a guard. The sentinel stood watch on the ramparts.

Page 356

ac • cliv • i • ty n., upward slope. Due to the acclivity of the land their house stood on, the Nelsons dreaded mowing the lawn.

em • bra • sure n., slanted opening in a wall that increases the firing angle of a gun. Firing through the embrasure, the police were protected from the criminals’ barrage.

Page 358

ef • face vt., erase, wipe out. The thick coat of paint effaced the graffiti on the bathroom wall.

os • cil • la • tion n., act of swinging back and forth. The oscillation of the hypnotist’s watch soon put the audience volunteer in a trance.

lu • di • crous adj., absurd, ridiculous. It was ludicrous how the elephant in the cartoon was afraid of a tiny mouse.

Page 359

ges • tic • u • late vi., make gestures with hands or arms. Late for her appointment, the woman wildly gesticulated to the taxi driver to stop.

Page 360

as • pi • rat • ed adj., articulated with a puff of breath before or after. The choir director made sure the singers warmed up with aspirated vocalizing before the concert.

Page 362

ma • lign adj., malicious, evil. The wolf’s malign intention was to eat Little Red Riding Hood.