Meet our revolutionary technology


Passport is a revolutionary digital world language learning environment. Immerse your students in their target language and culture, while capturing and measuring progress with performance-based tasks and assessments.


Our multiplatform eBooks take learning, well, anywhere. One-touch navigation connects to every page of our textbooks and workbooks as well as audio and video content. Access all of our eBooks easily through Bookshelf.


Explore and immerse into French, Spanish, and German culture and language through authentic news articles, documentary-style videos, and songs.


Introduce social media to your classroom using a video collaboration tool. Create grids of short questions then simply invite others to respond through recorded videos without the need to login or sign-up.


Avenue™is an innovative e-assessment platform for building custom language tasks to capture, evaluate, archive, and visualize progress of video-based learner performances.


Assess your students' Spanish, French, or German language proficiency with elpac. Choose from multi-level online assessments in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. All elpac assessments are ACTFL-aligned.

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