To truly understand a foreign language and its culture, learners need current, real-life connections to French, Spanish and German speaking worlds—all at a level they can understand. With three fresh, up-to-date news articles a week, your learners will now have the resources to connect their classwork with real-life culture and news. Each article is recorded by a native speaker and includes two activities for both basic and advanced skills.


Let your students listen to music in class with i-Songs! Music has been proven to be a helpful aid for learners of a second language. A new i-Song is introduced each month, giving your students the opportunity to sing and learn about current and traditional songs and artists from Spanish, German or French-speaking cultures. Karaoke-style songs make learning engaging and fun at any level of experience. Features include a transcript of the song, biography of the artist, follow-up writing activity, and much more!


Engage and enlighten your students with documentary-style videos that depict the real lives of people in their native countries. New videos are released monthly and topics include daily routines, family and school life, hobbies, holidays, and daily life around town and in the city. What if the current video doesn’t relate to what you’re currently teaching in class? Don’t fret! You always have the option to choose a fitting video from our extensive archived library.


What is the closest thing to scheduling an international field trip for your classroom? The answer is i-Passport. With i-Passport, you can take a break from typical routines and send your students on an immersive, virtual journey around the world! Students from Spanish, German and French-speaking countries host videos highlighting different places around the world relating to your target.

News and Events

EMC Publishing Unveils New Immersive Spanish Education Program

EMC Publishing, a leader in print and online educational programs and a division of New Mountain Learning, announced the launch of its new immersive Spanish language proficiency program, ¡Qué chévere!. The new series, which offers five levels of Spanish instruction for middle school through high school students is available in print and digital format. It continues EMC Publishing’s mission to increase world language fluency for the 21st century student.

Please click here to read the full press release.

Did you know?
Dr. Charles Miller presented Flipgrid on September 11th at the recent minnedemo event held at the Riverview Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

minne* describes the event on their website, saying, "MinneDemo is for real, working technology products made in Minnesota. Demos are 7 minutes long and PowerPoint IS NOT ALLOWED. Some have described it as geek show and tell."

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