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The learning environment for the world language classroom of tomorrow—today

Passport® is an innovative world language learning environment that allows teachers to easily assign classwork, track student progress, and report results to parents or school districts – all within a single application.

Passport® seamlessly delivers EMC’s leading world language content and assets in a research-based platform developed by the Institute for Design Innovation at the University of Minnesota.

With Passport® students are immersed in their target language and culture, while teachers capture and measure progress with performance-based tasks and assessments.

Passport allows students to keep discovering world languages online through

  • real-life communication
  • cultural immersion
  • performance-based tasks
  • project-based learning

Access to learning anytime, anywhere

All content available on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Easy reporting

Report your students’ progress on activities, assessments, and standards throughout the year with customizable, easy-to-export graphs and charts.

Keep discovering

The Passport® learning environment seamlessly delivers EMC's leading world language content and assets with the latest performance–based learning technologies.

Passport - Discover

Discover — Students connect to core curriculum via their textbook, workbook, video and audio.

Passport - Create

Create — Students acquire a deeper understanding of language and culture through dynamic, fun projects.

Passport - Expand

Expand — Students explore culture through virtual tours, news articles, video documentaries, and music

Passport - Share

Share — Students engage in video-based discussions with peers

Passport - Perform

Perform — Students demonstrate oral proficiency level through video evaluation

Passport® features:

  • Single layer interaction (Access content and features with only one click.)
  • Adaptable slices (Customize your students' view.)
  • Horizontal sliding navigation (Think Netflix™: easy left-to-right, mobile-friendly navigation.)
  • System check (Passport conveniently analyzes your system and lets you know if you’re meeting tech requirements.)

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