Meet Deutsch Aktuell, a program where students interact with German language and culture through engaging activities, and group or class projects. Students advance their language skills through real-life communication, cultural interactions and integrated technology.

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Deutsch Aktuell German Program

New for the Seventh Edition

  • Abundant communicative activities
  • All new culture content tied to Products, Practices, Perspectives
  • 21st-century vocabulary that is relevant and fun for teens to learn
  • Connections to other disciplines such as: Math, Art, Science, and Architecture
  • Opportunities for project-based learning and assessment
  • New modern and engaging design
  • Use of real photographs to illustrate new vocabulary


For students:

  • Textbook
  • Workbook
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Listening Activities
  • Video Activities
  • eVisuals
  • Passport®

For teachers:

  • Annotated Teacher’s Edition
  • Workbook Teacher’s Edition
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Teacher's Edition
  • Listening Activities Teacher's Edition
  • Video Program Teacher's Edition
  • Communicative Activities
  • TPR Storytelling
  • eVisuals
  • Quizzes with Answer Key
  • Tests with Answer Key
  • ExamView®
  • Lesson Plans
  • Passport®

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"The future of fluency depends on building student competency through engaging performance."
- Eric Cantor, CEO
New Mountain Learning

Through a long-term collaborative partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute for Design Innovation (IDI) we are building, integrating, and researching the future of fluency. Passport® builds upon and extends research-based language learning platforms created by the IDI, leveraging EMC Publishing's world language instructional content in an easy-to-use environment designed to drive educator effectiveness and student fluency. Students will discover languages and cultures, expand their knowledge beyond the textbook and written test, and perform what they’ve learned within a portfolio-style environment to achieve lasting proficiency.

Redefining seamless learning through technology.

Through our partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute for Design Innovation (IDI), we are now offering award-winning, research-based learning platforms that enhance your face-to-face, blended, or online classroom.

Avenue™ is a simple, yet powerful e-assessment platform where your students build portfolios of their spoken performances. Educators can create custom tasks or build tasks based on EMC's rich, pre-loaded library of media.

Learn more about Avenue

Flipgrid™ is a video-based discussion environment where students respond to short, teacher-created questions. Flipgrid brings the back row to the front in your classroom.

Learn more about Flipgrid

Multiplatform eBooks

Our eBooks connect students with the language in and out of the classroom. With a touch of the finger, students access every page as well as all of the audio (vocabulary presentations, dialogues and activities). Students also have all of the video resources at their fingertips, both dialogue and continuous storyline videos.

Our eBooks are available for delivery on all laptops, desktops, and mobile devices including the iPad®. The best part is that you can have our multiplatform eBook for one low price!

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Watch authentic culture come alive for your students as they immerse themselves in engaging and varied media: videos, news articles, and songs. i-Passport, i-Videos, and i-Songs bring cultural experiences into the classroom and into your students' lives.

Learn more about i-Culture

DVD Program: Treffpunkt Berlin

Filmed on location in Berlin with professional actors and actresses, Treffpunkt Berlin features a continuous, intriguing story line woven throughout the three-level video series. Your students will cling to the edge of their seats as each episode of this unique video series unfolds! Can love blossom at the hottest café in Berlin? Stay tuned…

DVD Program: Freunde in Deutschland

The series of ten episodes (Folgen) feature various locations within the capital city of Berlin with professional actors. In each five- to six-minute episode, students follow the everyday lives of four German teens.

Watch an episode


Use EMC Language Proficiency Assessments (ELPAC) to measure your students’ German language proficiency. Choose from multi-level online assessments in Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking that can be administered individually or as a battery. Developed with input from language teachers and school administrators, ELPAC assessments meet the highest standards for reliability while offering flexibility and ease in delivery.

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News and Events

EMC is proud to announce that Eric Cantor, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has been elected to the Executive Council of the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group. Please join us in congratulating Eric! For more information about the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group, click here.

The Natural Side of Student Voice

The power of student voice never fails to amaze us! This is so inspiring, and the very reason we do what we do at EMC! The Flipgrid team recently had the pleasure of visiting our longtime friend Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa), Library Media Specialist at David C. Barrow Elementary School, and his awesome students in Athens, Georgia. "There's a level of honesty that comes out from kids, you see more of their natural side ... when they're making a video." – Andy Plemmons.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful students + your experience, Andy! The work you do with your students is inspiring.

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