Mi Mundo Classroom is an elementary Spanish curriculum focusing on communication. It bundles a collection of our leading components into one effective teaching tool that will get your students speaking Spanish after the first lesson.

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The Symbol Cards are at the core of the Symtalk method. Students learn to speak Spanish using self-explanatory symbols to create meaningful sentences. The Symbol Cards represent all parts of speech: subjects, nouns, adverbs, prepositions, and more. The images are introduced in a meaningful sentence structure which allows students to interpret them immediately while grammar is implicitly learned.

Symtalk Card Series

My Language Town

My Language Town The visually appealing eReaders present language through unique and engaging stories that reinforce and expand language concepts. The easy-to-follow dialogue format provides students with opportunities to act out the stories.

The easy-to-learn, catchy Spanish songs introduce and develop language concepts in a fun and engaging way.


Students demonstrate what they know by capturing short videos from any device, to post and share ideas, with classmates. Students practice presentational and interpersonal communication in a safe and controlled online environment.


Mi mundo Classroom – Which level is right for my students?

Mi mundo is flexible. Each level is designed as an entry-level, so students who are not familiar with the program can begin at any level.


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