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Upgrade your classroom in time for school with exclusive savings on EMC products!

Set your students on a path to discovering and learning languages with EMC's Exploring Series! Explore French, Spanish and German culture through authentic news articles, documentary-style videos, and songs with i-CultureTM. Give all students access to great literature with EMC Access Editions—hardcover or digital books that include the complete literary work and study guide! And enhance all your current EMC programs with Passport®, EMC's immersive online learning environment. Now is the perfect time to upgrade for the new year!

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EMC School has acquired a cutting edge Computer Science Language Learning Solution—Zulama!

Zulama uses engaging game design projects to teach students the same programming languages that professionals use in high-tech workplaces. The expertise of EMC School in building digital competency and communications skills, coupled with the curriculum Zulama developed with faculty from Carnegie Mellon University, has meshed to form a rigorous yet easy-to-use Computer Science and Game Design product line. Zulama modules, courses and certifications are available for sale immediately as part of EMC's computer literacy product line, and ultimately available through EMC's immersive learning environment Passport®.

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