Meet the Zulama Game Design Program

When kids are building games, they're building enthusiasm
and skills that lead to high-tech careers.

Does your district struggle to get students (and teachers) excited about STEM subjects and Computer Science? You are not alone!

Today's students need to learn computer skills for tomorrow's jobs. Yet teaching technology is the very thing that most schools are struggling to provide, because: #1: schools can't find technology curriculum and #2: most teachers aren't certified to teach computer science. Zulama has solved both problems!

#1: Zulama has developed an unprecedented way to engage teenagers in programming and STEM subjects—through game design. Our expert instructional designers worked with faculty from one of the top game design programs in the world at Carnegie Mellon University. We developed a mix of modules and courses that fit within middle school and high school curriculum.

#2: With Zulama, schools don’t need to find and hire computer science teachers. We have developed a way to make programming easy for ALL teachers to teach, regardless of their content area.

Through hands-on, project-based learning, Zulama students develop portfolios and skills they need to be successful in today's global workforce. Students are prepared to pursue careers not only in the game industry, but a wide variety of fields that combine creativity and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Teachers, students, and professional game designers all agree: game design is an awesome way to learn how to code! Zulama by EMC School offers an engaging, rigorous, and standards-based computer science and game design curriculum perfect for middle and high schoolers.

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Zulama Course Packages

Zulama offers three extremely affordable packages of courses, which all include access to digital curriculum, comprehensive teacher resources, and implementation support.

Modern Learning Computer and Science Game Design Platform

Included are eleven rigorous, standards-aligned, cross-curricular 80-120-hour long courses, nine 15-20-hour short courses, and two 160-240-hour computer science courses. All courses are flexible and easy to implement, so they fit your unique schedule. The content is delivered digitally into your classrooms, where students participate in expertly crafted, hands-on, project-based activities.
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Game Design Fundamentals

This package includes nine Short Courses, which can be completed in 20 hours or less. These rigorous, engaging educational experiences are perfect for use in rotational blocks, embedding into existing courses, or using in summer camps and after school programs. Find out more!

The Zulama by EMC School AP® Computer Science Principles Course

This course helps students develop computational thinking practices that they use to problem-solve and accomplish goals. They learn to code by planning, designing, programming, testing, and publishing fun yet rigorous game projects using GameMaker Studio 2. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared to take the AP® CS Principles Exam.
This course is endorsed by the College Board!
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"The Zulama course has given students the opportunity to immerse themselves in 21st Century skills. Students have learned to work independently, collaboratively, and to become task-oriented."

Joe Oliphant - Principal , Propel Charter Schools

Professional Learning

Making equity in education a reality starts with helping teachers get top-notch professional learning opportunities. Zulama by EMC School offers learning that is interactive, project-based, and participant-driven. We put teachers in the shoes of their students and model what happens in the most engaging classrooms.
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Gain cutting-edge skills and develop a portfolio of games that will make you a superior candidate for a position in the game industry or any business that uses e-learning, visualization, simulation, interactive web applications and graphics-based computer systems.



The demand grows daily for creative professionals capable of helping people visualize difficult concepts and understand vital information. Digital art skills can be applied to careers in marketing, advertising, television and even a field like global trade.



Game design is a massive international industry. The Zulama program prepares you to pursue a career in "the biz", or in any field that requires a mix of creative and technical skills.



In our internet-based culture that increasingly relies on visual information, the ability to communicate using multiple media forms is an increasingly valuable skill.

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