The Zulama by EMC School AP® Computer Science Principles Course

Students dive into the broad field of computer science through game design, applying programming skills to build computer games. Lessons are interactive, scaffolded, and encourage pair programming. Students engage in creative design team experiences, independently design and code an original computer game using GML scripting language and the GameMaker Studio 2 interface and analyze the fast growing and diverse global video game industry.

Zulama Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared to take the AP® CS Principles Exam.
This course is endorsed by the College Board!

What's included?

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This course prepares your students for success on the Advanced Placement® Computer Science Principles Exam.

Course Outcomes

Through a study of computer science principles and game design, students:

  • Apply computer science principles and transferable skills by building playable digital games
  • Program using GML scripting language and the GameMaker Studio 2 interface
  • Engage in creative design opportunities by applying knowledge of game mechanics
  • Collaborate in design teams using the iterative design process
  • Expand knowledge of the global impact of computer innovations
  • Explore career and advanced education opportunities in the study of computer science and computer game design
This course builds computer science vocabulary and applies computer science principles and essential knowledge of coding practices as defined by the course Computational Thinking Practices, Big Ideas, and Learning Objectives. The course meets all AP® Computer Science Principles curricular requirements.

Professional Learning

Zulama - Professional Learning We realize that programming and game design are unfamiliar subjects for many teachers. No worries! EMC School provides top-notch professional learning to prepare you for success, regardless of your content area expertise. We work around your schedule and preferences by offering both online and in-person options. Zulama AP® CSP includes everything teachers need to get started quickly with confidence and success, including:

  • an online, self-paced, College Board endorsed professional learning course. Length: approx. 24 hours
  • in-depth information on teaching to the College Board® requirements.
  • hands-on experience using GameMaker Studio 2 software.
  • access to webinars, teacher forums, and online video libraries.
  • Technical support via 24/7 live chat and phone support from 8:00am–10:00pm (CST) every day!
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Why AP?

Preparing your students to enter STEM careers is urgent as the needs for digital technology skills in the workforce is exploding! In 2018, US News & World Report rank Software Developers as the #1 best STEM job. With growth rates projected to increase 30%, the demand for tech workers is high—we need to ensure that students learn the computational thinking skills to be successful in these lucrative careers. The good news: student interest is also exploding! The AP® Computer Science Principles exam is the fastest growing assessment in College Board® history. Students understand the benefits of scoring well on the exam:

  • earn college credit before stepping on campus
  • raise their high school GPA
  • get college course prerequisites waived
  • stand out on college applications Implementing the AP® CS Principles course in your school is easy with Zulama by EMC School!

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