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"Children have the right to read texts that mirror their experiences and languages, provide windows into the lives of others, and open doors into our diverse world."

— The International Literacy Association

Mirrors and Windows - Passport

Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature

A 6-12 Grade, 7-Level Language Arts Program

The Mirrors & Windows Advantage

Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature challenges students to reach their maximum potential while differentiating instruction for individual learners. Using a gradual release approach to reading, students will develop close reading skills to achieve deep comprehension and greater appreciation of the literary genres.

  • EL Support
    The Mirrors & Windows program provides extensive EL support, including... READ MORE
    • Vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and style language development workshops within each unit
    • Exclusive gradual release approach, providing additional modeling for EL students within every unit
    • EL strategies at point of use, including differentiation strategies, text complexity notes, and cultural awareness notes
    • Differentiated Instruction: English Language Learning Support resource, available in print and online, that provides activities to increase students’ comprehension, vocabulary, oral language development, and English language skills.
    • Adjustable rate audio recordings of selections
    • Alternative assessment strategies for ELs and Developing Readers
    • Story Shares custom library with over 150 leveled texts
  • Balanced Approach
    The Mirrors & Windows program offers a balanced approach with multiple genres. Each thematic unit includes... READ MORE
    • Texts from multiple genres, with opportunities to make comparisons within and across genres
    • A focus on how to read closely for each genre, supported by Close Reading videos
      • Most comprehensive range and diversity of classic and contemporary literature and informational texts
      • 100% of CCSS text types and range of texts within grade level text complexity levels
      • Literature from a long list of award-winning classic and contemporary authors such as Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Ray Bradbury, Annie Dillard, Ernest Hemingway, and Elizabeth Bishop.
      • Multicultural selections from authors such as Toni Cade Bambara, Sandra Cisneros, Arthur Ashe, Amy Tan, Judith Ortiz Cofer, and Langston Hughes.
      • Selections from authors such as Carmen Tafolla, Pat Mora, and Naomi Shihab Nye.
  • Gradual Release Model
    The Mirrors & Windows program offers an exclusive gradual release approach... READ MORE
    Each unit in M&W provides for a gradual release of responsibility, moving from guided to directed to independent reading:
    • Guided Reading: extensive support before, during, and after reading
      • Full length, genre-specific close reading models in each unit, supported by video models, provide the framework for the teacher to guide students through the reading process
      • Models walk students through the selections and demonstrate how to analyze literature and apply reading skills and strategies to each genre.
    • Directed Reading: extensive support before and after reading; less support during reading
      • Model gradually removes scaffolds with additional teacher-directed instructional support, beginning the release of responsibility from teacher to students
      • Students continue to be supported with before-and after-reading activities, but they begin to apply the during-reading comprehension skills on their own
    • Independent Reading: minimal support before and after reading; self-monitoring during reading
      • Model in each unit as digital connections completes the release of responsibility to the students, who can apply the skills and strategies required to read increasingly more difficult selections on their own.
      • Independent Readings appear more frequently as students advance through the program
      • Options for extending independent reading with Access Edition novels available online and in print
  • Flexibility for any Instructional Model
    The Mirrors & Windows program offers more choices and greater flexibility... READ MORE
    • Choice of print, digital, or blended print + digital
    • Support for whole group, small group, and independent instruction
    • Customizable lesson plans, scope and sequence of instruction, and scaffolds for students
    No matter what resources you have in your classroom, no matter what resources best support your teaching and your students' learning, you can choose the perfect blend of print and technology from EMC.
  • Innovative Technology
    The Mirrors & Windows is fully integrated into Passport®, EMC's innovative learning environment, Passport®... READ MORE

    Engage students in language arts with relevant content, communication, and media literacy. Develop students' online collaboration and communication skills so they can succeed in work and life in the 21st century.

    • Collaborative video discussions with exclusive integrated Flipgrid® capability
    • Project-based learning
    • Extended reading and media connections
    • Opportunities for differentiated and personalized instruction
    • And much more!

Program at a Glance

  • Program Components... READ MORE
    Resource Title Available in Print Available Digitally
    Student Edition X X
    Student Edition eBook Digital Selections   X
    Teacher Edition X X
    Teacher Edition eBook Digital Selections   X
    Close Reading X X
    Writing & Grammar X X
    Differentiated Instruction: English Language Learning Support
    • Literacy & Reading Support
    • English Language Development
    • Foundational Literacy Skills
    X X
    Differentiated Instruction: Reading Strategies & Skills   X
    Differentiated Instruction: Enrichment Projects & Activities
    • Literature & Reading
    Unit & Selection Resources   X
    Extension Activities   X
    Speaking & Listening   X
    Vocabulary & Spelling   X
    College & Career Readiness   X
    Test Practice   X
    Program Planning Guide   X
    Assessment Guide   X
    ETS Criterion (separate purchase)   X
  • Integrated Literacy and Language Resources... READ MORE
    Close Reading
    Guided Close Reading Model selections in a workbook format available in both print and digital formats.

    Writing & Grammar
    • In-depth lessons to be used as extensions of the Writing Workshops in the student text.
    • Developmental, in-depth writing lessons for each of the major writing modes — argumentative, narrative, informative/ explanatory, and descriptive.
    • Lessons include models, examples, guidelines, writing checklist, and writing rubric.
    • Writing lessons integrate grammar instruction.
    • Available in both print and digital formats.
    Extension Activities
    Extended lessons for each of the following categories:
    • Collaborative Learning
    • Lifelong Learning
    • Media Literacy
    • Critical Literacy
    Vocabulary & Spelling
    • Comprehensive developmental Vocabulary and Spelling lessons build word study skills.
    • In-depth instruction is modeled using words from the selections in each unit.
  • Teacher Resources for Planning and Assessment... READ MORE
    Teacher's Edition (TE) and eBook
    One location for accessing, previewing, and planning your use of all program resources. The Teacher's Edition eBook links to all student and teacher resources.
    • Visual Unit Planning Guides
    • Complete lesson plans for all selections
    • Differentiated instruction for all learners
    • Teacher Notes add valuable information
    Assessment Guide
    The Assessment Guide contains the following:
    • Formative Surveys
    • Lesson Tests
    • Unit Exams
    • Reading Fluency Assessments
    • Alternative Assessment Options
    • Remediation Rubrics
    EXAMView® Assessment Suite
    Easy-to-use and Manage Testing Program
    • Leveled multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions
    • Ability to select, create, and edit questions to create personalized tests and exams
    • Formative Survey test items keyed to ELA Standards with customizable formats
    Program Planning Guide
    • Lesson Plans for all the selections in the unit
  • Help All Students Master Foundational Skills... READ MORE
    Unit & Selection Resources

    Strategies and Skills for ELA Standards Mastery Unit Study Guide with Practice Test
    • Close Reading Model Lessons
    • Guided Reading Lessons
    • Directed Reading Lessons
    • Comparing Texts Lessons
    • Independent Reading Lessons
    • Cumulative Vocabulary Lists
      • Differentiated Instruction

        English Language Learning Support
        • Guided reading support for ELs and developing readers
        • Authentic texts from the student edition
        • Vocabulary development lessons
        • Additional leveled ELD Lessons
        • Foundational Literacy Skills Lessons
        • Selection summaries in Spanish with audio
        • Literary Terms Handbook in Spanish
        Reading Strategies & Skills

        • Guided Reading questions
        • Student worksheets with graphic organizers
        • Fix-Up Strategies for reading skills
        Enrichment Projects & Activities
        • Challenging activities based on selections from the student edition higher level activities engage critical thinking skills
  • Passport® For English Language Arts... READ MORE

    Passport®, EMC's state-of-the-art learning environment, is uniquely designed for your language arts classroom. Engage students in language arts with relevant content, communication, and media literacy. Develop students' online collaboration and communication skills so they can succeed in work and life in the 21st century.

    Passport® Features:
    • Project-based learning
    • Extended reading and media connections
    • Video-based performance assessments
    • Close Reading video models for each genre
    • All selections and program resources for all levels
    • Assigning and grading capabilities to personalize instruction
    • Detailed student data
    • Portfolio capabilities
    • Opportunities for differentiated instruction
    • Custom lesson creation
      • New features this year
        • Custom Lesson Builder: a new technology feature allowing teachers to develop and upload their own content into Passport®.
        • Story Shares Leveled Library: a leveled library of high-interest, age-appropriate original writings designed to drive student engagement in reading.
        • Artificial-Intelligence-enabled online search engine: a new technology tool providing the ability to search, find, and offer curated, leveled OER content in Passport®.
        • Writing Mentor Workshops and Lessons: a new technology module that utilizes real-world tools such as Google Docs, advanced AI, and natural language processing technology to put students in control of their learning while increasing teacher efficiency.
        Passport® allows teachers to:
        • Assign homework and tasks
        • Track progress of students with graphs and charts
        • Provide feedback
        • Personalize instruction
        • Access all program resources
        • Incorporate blended learning
        Passport® allows students to:
        • Access materials anytime, anywhere
        • Complete assignments and practice activities interactively
        • Work on project-based tasks
        • Submit work
        • Receive immediate feedback
        • Track progress
        • Develop digital literacy
        • Interact with text using tools for annotation, highlighting, audio and video recording
        • Access authentic audio of selections with variable rate
        • Collaborate online through class annotation and highlighting tools

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