Other publishers say they have great literature, but EMC School has the greatest range of literature that teachers want, AND only EMC School has Passport®

Mirrors and Windows - PassportPassport®, EMC's state of the art learning environment, is uniquely designed for your language arts classroom. Engage students in language arts with content, communication, and media literacy. Equip students with the skills needed to succeed in work and life in the 21st century.

Passport® includes:

  • all program resources
  • project-based learning
  • extended reading and media connections
  • video-based performance assessments
  • assigning and grading capabilities
  • detailed student data
  • portfolio capabilities
  • opportunities for differentiated instruction

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Get to know the engaging Passport® digital environment for middle and high school learners! Pick a course , or multiple courses, to meet your specific needs and skills. For every completed course, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate.

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Passport® at a glance

Passport - Assess

Assess — Students take formative surveys and selection and unit chapter tests online.

Passport - Discover

Discover — Students connect to core curriculum via their eBooks and other supplemental materials.

Passport - Expand

Expand — Students explore close reading and media literacy skills in 42+ novels with new novels added regularly.

Passport - Create

Create — Students practice reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills through project-based learning.

Passport - Explore

Explore — Students learn the close reading process through interactive videos.

Passport - Share

Share — Students post their opinions, ideas, stories, and more, in a social media format using Flipgrid.

Passport - Perform

Perform — Students demonstrate oral proficiency through video assessment tasks and can create a video performance portfolio.

Passport® allows teachers to:

  • Assign homework and tasks
  • Track progress of students with graphs and charts
  • Provide feedback
  • Access all program resources
  • Incorporate blended learning

Passport® allows students to:

  • Access materials anytime, anywhere
  • Complete assignments and practice activities interactively
  • Work on project-based tasks
  • Submit work
  • Receive immediate feedback
  • Track progress

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