The learning environment for the world language classroom of tomorrow—today

Passport® is an innovative world language learning environment that allows teachers to easily assign classwork, track student progress, and report results to parents or school districts – all within a single application.

Passport® seamlessly delivers EMC's leading world language content and assets in a research-based platform developed by the Institute for Design Innovation at the University of Minnesota.

With Passport® students are immersed in their target language and culture, while teachers capture and measure progress with performance-based tasks and assessments.

Passport allows students to keep discovering world languages online through

  • real-life communication
  • cultural immersion
  • performance-based tasks
  • project-based learning

Access to learning anytime, anywhere
All content available on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Get to know Passport® through our summer academy

Get to know the engaging Passport® digital environment for middle and high school learners! Pick a course , or multiple courses, to meet your specific needs and skills. For every completed course, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate.

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Keep discovering

Passport - Assess

Assess — Students take formative surveys and selection and unit chapter tests online.

Passport - Discover

Discover — Students connect to core curriculum via their eBooks and other supplemental materials.

Passport - Expand

Expand — Students explore close reading and media literacy skills in 42+ novels with new novels added regularly.

Passport - Create

Create — Students practice reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills through project-based learning.

Passport - Explore

Explore — Students learn the close reading process through interactive videos.

Passport - Share

Share — Students post their opinions, ideas, stories, and more, in a social media format using Flipgrid.

Passport - Perform

Perform — Students demonstrate oral proficiency through video assessment tasks and can create a video performance portfolio.

Passport® features

  • all program resources
  • project-based learning modules (IPAs)
  • up-to-date cultural assets
  • video-based performance assessments
  • collaborative video discussions with FlipgridTM
  • assigning and grading capabilities
  • detailed student data
  • portfolio capabilities
  • opportunities for differentiated instruction
  • custom lesson creation

Easy reporting

Report your students’ progress on activities, assessments, and standards throughout the year with customizable, easy-to-export graphs and charts.

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