Mirrors & Windows

EMC School is proud to present its exciting literature and language arts program, Mirrors & Windows. This seven-level program is built on a collection of rich, diverse, and timeless writings by renowned, award-winning authors.

Mirrors & Windows challenges students to reach their maximum potential while differentiating instruction for individual learners. Using a gradual release approach to reading, students will achieve a deep comprehension of the material and a greater appreciation of the literary genres. They will learn to recognize and make connections between the selections, the world, and themselves. Along the way, they will discover a love of literature that will grow throughout their lives. Truly, literature will turn mirrors into windows for your students.

The program's extensive range of texts includes the following Texas authors:


EMC School's English Language Arts program
Mirrors & Windows has arrived on our state-of-the-art
learning platform Passport®

Every language arts publisher can say they have great literature, but only EMC School has Passport®

Built from the ground up, EMC School has uniquely designed Passport® for your language arts classroom. It’s built to be intuitive and extremely user-friendly while the social media look and feel instantly clicks with students. Easy-to-use, Passport® helps students focus more on the content while the discussion tools engage and help them to dive deeper into the curriculum and connect with fellow classmates.

Passport® is real-world! The ELA curriculum included teaches students useful skills to prepare them for college and future careers.
For teaching professionals: Mirrors & Windows with Passport® allows teachers easy access to all program resources. It provides a way to track the progress of all students visually with stunning graphics and charts. It also gives teachers a straightforward way to assign homework and tasks as well as provide feedback to students.

These Texas districts have already discovered the power of Passport®
  • Houston ISD
  • Deer Park ISD
  • Alief ISD
  • Klein ISD
  • Eanes ISD
  • Round Rock ISD
  • Leander ISD
  • North East ISD
  • Corpus Christi ISD
  • Irving ISD
  • Birdville ISD
  • Coppell ISD
  • Garland ISD
  • Mesquite ISD
  • Edinburg ISD
  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
and many more!


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